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Haircut Attacks and Other Randomness

Deposited my end-of-FY05 bonus today; most of it's earmarked for "Eternal Membership" status to Dragon*Con, the rest may go towards a laptop, as laurie_robey has been wanting one for some time now.

We also both got haircuts today, almost without realizing it. We've both been getting a little shaggy 'round the edges, so late this morning I called up the usual place we go on the off-chance that Stephanie (our usual gal) might have a pair of openings sometime over the weekend. The answer was, "you want 'em, be here in half an hour, those are the only two slots together. So hop to!" So off we hopped!

In case it wasn't made clear by my entries over the past week, it was a rough one. Work was extra stressy and sleep was spotty, which of course just made work all that much worse. So, in an odd way, it's a good thing I canceled all the stuff I might have theoretically been doing this weekend (i.e., going up to visit kamau_d_lyon, or failing that, running D&D with the usual group here). Much as I would normally love to do either of those, doing them on the heels of this past week have been agony rather than joy.

As it is, I've spent all day today just this side of a nap, except for a 20-minute period in the mid-morning when I actually was napping, and here it is 10:00 p.m., usually prime time on a Saturday night, and I'm pooped. So I'm going to turn in early, maybe do a little reading, and then teach the local logs a thing or two about catching Z's.

There are times when Doing Nothing is the most productive activity of all!

G'nite, world, and have a totally awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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