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Hard Stuff Followup

Well, for various reasons, I decided to cut out most of Tiffany and Leonard's argument I mentioned, largely because it wasn't really going anywhere, and I wanted to wrap up the current "pressing issue" by the end of next week, to make room for Other Neat Stuff To Be Revealed LaterTM.

SJ rarely requires this much editing -- but then again, it rarely gets this close to various characters' "core issues." It's going to be a tough week for my poor plexy panthera pair, and as such, I suppose it's only appropriate that it be tough for me to write. As is often the case, the characters attempted to grab the plot and take it off somewhere else, but I held firm this time, because basically they were stalling.

I'll probably be able to salvage pieces of the argument for later ... one of the punchlines is actually pretty good.

It's going to take some time for me to see what the followout of this storyline is going to be. I think it's time to let some other characters have the spotlight for a while, until Tiff and Leonard get their heads together again.

Oh yeah, Wensley just launched a new business, didn't he...? ;)

-The Gneech
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