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Questions For My Players...

Heya, camstone, pholph, laurie_robey, and jamesbarrett! Just a couple of quick questions lobbed your way re: D&D ... feel free to answer, evade, or ignore as you please.

Challenge Level
What do you think of the general difficulty of things tossed your way?

* It's too hard! I'm always worried I'm gonna croak.
* It's too easy! The monsters fall down just as I'm getting interested.
* I'd like a little more variation in how hard or easy it is.
* It's fine the way it is.
* Something else.

Reward Level
What do you think of the rewards you receive (in the way of loot, experience, perks...)?

* We're so damn poor! A masterwork weapon at 8th level? C'mon!
* We've got too much loot! We've got a pony's worth of stuff in the bag of holding and it's too much of a pain to keep track of it all. There's nothing to quest for!
* Treasure's that stuff we leave on the dungeon floor, right?
* It's fine the way it is.
* Something else.

* We're still only 7th-8th level? This game's been going since 2001, man. Can't we level up faster?
* We're already 7th-8th level? I can't get a handle on my current abilities, 'cause we get new ones too fast!
* Well, rebooting the game to 5th level was kind of a pain, but I notice we've been leveling up faster since then, so it works out.
* It's fine the way it is.
* Something else.

* We're these kickbutt adventurers, but we've got no reputation. I'd like a little more fame and glory. Or at least a medal.
* Geeze, does the world have to revolve around us so much?
* If we wanted more attention, we'd advertise! So it's fine.
* Something else.

Variety (of Adventure Types, Challenges, etc.)
Is there enough variation and surprise in the game?

* Man, I'm sick of orcs, cultists, and undead. Can't we go take on some pirates or something?
* I like to focus on a smaller set of foes -- gives it a distinct flavor.
* I want more social interaction and intrigue.
* I want more dungeon exploration.
* I want more puzzles and traps.
* I want more butt-kicking.
* It's fine the way it is.
* Something else.

Campaign Setting and Metaplot
What do you think of the overall story and the environment?

* Bissel rules!
* Bissel blows.
* Bissel does the job.
* Bissel seems fine, but is a little generic. I'd like more local flavor text.
* Man, I'm sick of hearing all the fiddly little details about Bissel's history, culture, etc.
* Wandering around the same parts of southern Bissel is getting kinda dull, I'd like to go visit other places.
* I got so sick of being teleported all over the world! I'm glad we've settled down in Bissel.
* Something else.

* The metaplot is developing too slow -- I'm tired of Evard already.
* The metaplot is developing too fast -- I want some side treks!
* Gaaah! I don't wanna be in this Evard thing! I wanna do ______ instead!
* It's fine the way it is.
* Something else.

Thanks for your input! (Assuming you have any...)

-The Gneech
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