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Gaming Followup

What prompted me to post my lil' list of questions earlier was that I happened upon a post on the EN World boards that had a long and occasionally-bitter discussion of the level of magic items available to a party. In particular, a party in a "low-magic" game was never able to fight level-appropriate monsters without getting their butts whooped, because the mechanics of the game assume that the players have a certain level of gear, and they were quite unhappy about it (not that I blame them). Part of their disappointment stemmed from wanting to be able to go up against the cool, high-level monsters of D&D (e.g., beholders, mind-flayers), but having to stick with orcs and trolls because that was all they could safely do without equipment.

This led me to think about the challenges that I've put forward in my game, and how the players fared against them. At 7th-8th level, a "typical" ranger (for example) is assumed to have +1 studded leather armor, and one each of a +1 melee weapon and a +1 ranged weapon. IIRC, Jaer has the +1 melee weapon, and that's about it. (Although there is at least one magic shield floating around the group.) At this stage, it's not that big a discrepancy, but something I need to keep tabs on as things progress.

Anyway, the general consensus seems to be one of contentment ... with the desire for me to put some more things out there to "shoot for." This, I must admit, has got me a little stymied ... but I'll see what I can do!

-The Gneech
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