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Good Night Sweetheart, Well It's Time To Go

I had a pleasantly unproductive evening, which I think I needed. Mrs. Gneech and I watched Pokemon 2000: The Power of One, which is my fave of the Pokemon movies (just because I am a shameless Team Rocket fan), then after some file-sending back and forth with a mysterious un-named fellow cartoonist and some e-mail catching up generally, I decided to go poking around my "friend of" list to see who's reading these posts.

Odd things, these friends lists. Every time I look at it, there's somebody new on there I either don't know very well, or have never heard of at all ... and their user info pages very often lead me to other people that I do know -- but didn't know they had a LiveJournal.

I don't put everyone who puts me on their friends list back on mine ... not because I'm snobbish (or at least, I try not to be), but because I have such a limited amount of mental bandwidth. Some people I've put on my list for a while just to see what they were like, then taken back off when I found we didn't have much in common, and so forth; others are people I am interested in knowing more about, but want to wait until I have a little more attention to devote to it.

So if you have me on your friends list and I haven't reciprocated, please don't feel snubbed. It's nothing personal. :)

Anyway, I'm about to head off for bed for what will probably be my first sound night of sleep since last Wednesday or so -- cons are wicked schedule-whackers. I'm in an odd mood and would like to stay up and chat with various folks I know, about all sorts of things I'm generally not prone to talking about, but I'm just too tired and need to sleep instead. Go fig.

Oh well, g'nite, LiveJournal. :) Have I mentioned I like you?

-The Gneech
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