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More Gaming Stuff, Sorry

I've been so busy at work lately, that when I'm not thinking about the job, I find myself thinking of gaming instead, because it's so much further removed from work than my other interests are. So, sorry SJ and B&G fans ... I'll have some new stuff for you sometime soon! But meanwhile, on to gamer talk.

A while back, I mentioned that I had worked out a rough framework of the published adventures that would go into my campaign, grouping it more or less by level. However, I've discovered that the characters are levelling faster than my plan accounts for. Several of the scenarios on my list are 6th- and 7th-level adventures, but the group is currently strongly in the 7th-8th range and advancing quickly. And while it's fairly easy to scale up an adventure (by adding More Badder Badguys, or advancing the monsters a hit die or two), the problem is that just ratchets up the requirements for the next scenario, etc., etc. So at some point I'm going to just have to punt on some of these scenarios.

Of course, one way to slow things down would be to simply run the adventures as written. While they'd be a tad on the easy side for the characters, they'd also be getting reduced XP rewards for taking on the lower-level threats. And I can still ramp up the Boss Fight (to use a little videogame parlance). There is one scenario in particular that I've already established in the game is going to happen, regardless of whether the PCs are there when it does or not. I don't want to force them to be there when it happens, but at the same time, I don't want to punish them for having chosen Door #1 rather than Door #2 (so to speak), so maybe I can give them a chance to deal with the aftermath, instead -- which should also make for some interesting times. (Yes, I'm being vague. I don't want to give away spoilers.)

On a related note, Paizo, the current publishers of Dungeon and Dragon magazines, has started offering .PDF scans of previous edition materials, for something like $4 a pop. It's not the entire run, but there is a lot of old-school goodness in there. A few of the old 1e and 2e Greyhawk modules in particular have formed the "backstory" for my current campaign, but I didn't have paper copies (and the prices for them on eBay tended to be more than I wanted to pay), so I picked up the .PDF versions. Nothing like going back to the source!

-The Gneech
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