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What Color Are You On the Internet?

Netasha's guest comic for Wednesday prompted the following response from a reader:


I figure I should say something before anyone flames you but "colored
people time" is actually derogatory. It was coined by white people to
make fun of black people and imply that they're not punctual for anything.
I'm not personally offended but someone might be."

I must admit, this is something I wasn't aware of. In the context of the strip, it certainly didn't strike me as being some kind of derogatory term ... mammallamadevil and I bandy about the term "furry standard time" in much the same way, with nothing but affection.

I know that I have black readers, but given the nature of the internet, (with a handful of exceptions) I don't know who they are. Also, given the nature of the internet, I don't know if Netasha is or isn't black herself, which I imagine in the minds of many people would determine if the term is derogatory or not.

Is it offensive? I don't know. Frankly, the issue of race in general makes me sit in the corner and make undignified whimpering noises. Obviously, I didn't think it was, or I wouldn't have posted it. If anything, it seemed like more of a comment on Rachel's character that she'd apply the term to herself than anything else (the same way Drezzer glibly refers to himself as "more queer than a $3 bill").

So you folks tell me. I'd rather know these things!

-The Gneech

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