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Stupid Insomnia -.-

I was sleeping along, minding my own business, when I had a very elaborate dream about having a week-long internship at a place that varied between being the Smithsonian (museum) and being the National Zoo (which technically is also part of the Smithsonian), but which was the whole time in this massive, 10-story gnarled old gothic castley mansion of a building, the size of a city block.

level_head was the manager, curator, and generally Dumbledore-esque operator of the thing (and really, who else would be?), and aside from a walk-on by an old Borders coworker by the name of Jim (who was a kind of doorman-type), the only other person I remember knowing in the dream was kylet, who had a brief cameo as himself, looking for directions to the snack shop, or possibly for somebody he was supposed to meet, my memory's getting hazy from having been awake too long. His appearance was cut short by the arrival of a tiny, vaguely mouse-sized critter with a fox's body but a mousey snout, supposedly a bit of D.C. wildlife that was lurking in the window ... at which Vince said, "Eee! Kyoote!" and wandered off.

Then I examined a pamphlet (a full-color, immersive, animated pamphlet, but a pamphlet nonetheless) about what would happen if the place caught on fire and how to figure out what was going on. In the pamphlet, all the various battlements and strangely-placed porches and long twisty exterior stairways were gushing water (presumably from the sprinklers), and level_head said, "Can you tell me what's unusual here?"

"Besides the water gushing out?" I said.

"The water gushing out is not unusual, assuming the fire alarm has gone off. But what's unusual is this, see?" In reference to which, he indicated one small chute in the corner of the image that was not gushing water, merely trickling. "This entrance has been tampered with. That means the fire was set. When you've been here a long time, and you know the place well, you'd notice things like that."

"He's right you know," said a random somebody whose identity I've lost track of. I think my brain identified her as lady_anne, since she was associated with level_head, but she was borrowing somebody else's body for the purpose.

"Well, maybe," I said to her. "But I'm not as intelligent as level_head, either. It wouldn't come easily to me, although I suppose it might be the voice of experience." At this point, the dream seems to have segued into me getting into my car and asking Professor McGonagall for directions out of the city. I don't remember exactly what they were, but I do remember they involved actual D.C. streets.

At this point, I woke up -- *PING!* Eyes open, wide awake, stomach acidic, heartrate all jumpy, all sorts of old regrets, anxieties, and issues jumping out from behind my brain and saying "Boo." It was like my body was having an anxiety/depression attack, and my mind just sort of sighed and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before, can we please let go of this?"

So I came downstairs, got some milk, and started writing this, with some chat-based company in the form of graveyardgreg and jamesbarrett. Fortunately, this seems to have soothed my ruffled psyche, and I'm starting to get sleepy again. So I'll just finish off the milk and head back up to bed.

G'nite, everybody. Again.

-The Gneech
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