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It's weird how my productivity comes in such fits and spurts. After weeks of having art be like pulling teeth, I spent this past week in a kind of Manic Art Fit. Doing badges, icons, and sketches, and being ahead in strips -- particularly since I'm coloring the strips myself while katayamma recovers from the fire -- this is so not what I'm used to. 0.o

Part of it has been deliberate self-immersion on my part ... I tend to get moody when the season changes[1], and keeping my hands busy makes my brain shut up for a while. (Some people talk to avoid thinking ... I draw or write.) Another part of it is that work lightened up, finally, and it's amazing how much more productive you can be without a 16 ton weight on your head!

Less visible, but still happening, is that there's been some nice percolation going on in my mind about my writing. laurie_robey and I did some brainstorming about the larger picture of the Brigid and Greg stories yesterday, meta-story stuff about what makes them work, how they interact and what the implications are, that kind of thing. While we didn't come up with any real plots, we did get a better handle on what makes B&G tick, and that will certainly pave the way for more and better stuff from them.

So, hurrah for productivity!

But alas now, it's back to the job. Bleah! ;P But at least it's not Starbucks. ;)

-The Gneech

EDIT: Oh yeah! Vince's fitness post reminded me, that another thing is that I've managed to add workouts back into my routine finally. That's another item on the "How am I cramming all this stuff in?" list. Although the Bowflex workouts are considerably easier to do (and recover from) than the Kung Fu.

[1] Those who follow my moods may, at this juncture, be saying, "Well dammit Gneech, you get depressed when the weather sucks all summer, and you get depressed when the weather changes to being nice in the fall. WTF is wrong with you?" Well, the only response I have is, "Hey, at least you're just reading about it -- I have to live with this shit!" ;)
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