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Voting, Schmoting

Well, it's state election day again, so laurie_robey and I get to step over to the South Lakes school and cast our ballot for Moe, Larry, or Curly for governor, and which of the Keystone Cops we want to install in various other offices. The problem is, no matter who wins, we still get a Stooge. Kilgore is slightly more noxious than Kaine, however, so I guess I'll vote for Kaine. Why isn't Abel on the ticket?

For the most part, the candidates all have the same shpiel, which is, "I think exactly what everybody else thinks more than my opponents -- and they're all dinks!" The problem is, most of them don't think what I think -- even the one libertarian on the ballot (running for delegate) doesn't seem to have much of a platform beyind "The other guy is a dink." On the other hand, the other guy claims to be against all the stuff that the libertarian says he's for, and also volunteers as part of his shpiel that he opposes legislation discriminating against gays -- which is a gutsy stance in Virginia and one that nobody else is taking as far as I can see.

So it looks like except for the bonds referendum ("I keep voting NO and they keep coming back!"), I'll be voting Asses instead of Elephants this time. Yay.

One bright spot in this election: Virginia, adopting a great British tradition, at least has a Silly Party candidate!

-The Gneech
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