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Did a bunch of roughs for t-shirt ideas today; I really like three of them, although HantaMouse suggested and I concur that one of them would be better as a color flyer -- which I might also try to do.

I am trying to decide how risque it should be. One of them has Tiffany wearing nothing but an oversized men's button-down shirt a la Jane Fonda in Barefoot In the Park -- which doesn't show anything that one of her bikini pics doesn't show already, but somehow manages to be twenty times more rrrrroowwrrrrr.

The other is a perspective shot that basically has Tiff lying on the ground facing the viewer -- you see her face and arms and hair, and her lower back and knees. I could have it be a racy pic and have her nude, which would basically allow you to see the base of her tail where it meets her spine. Or I could have her wearing a sun dress or something along the lines of the ROWR Magazine cover. I'm not sure which would (A) be better artistically, and (B) sell more t-shirts. I'm open to comments, if you have any.

I'm going to work at least one of these up as a full-blown picture for the T-Shirt Maven tomorrow. Unfortunately, that will kill D&D for this weekend, since I am supposed to be the DM next. Alas and alack, but I must prioritize somehow.

I won't go into a long rant about magazines here, but I will note that it's very interesting the difference between what women's magazines say is sexy for women, and what men's magazines do. Women's magazines are all about allure; men's magazines are all about sleaze. It's bizarre. :)

Frankly, sleazy women make me go "Eeeew!" and yank my paws away like a cat reacting to flypaper. I have never understood the appeal, and guess I never will.

But then, I have odd tastes, generally. :)

Well, that's all for tonight, I think. Catcha later, all!

-The Gneech
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