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Workout Report, Special Edition: Objective Measurements

I told you my body responds quickly to exercise, yes? Well in the one week span since I picked up doing the Bowflex again, and really started being aggressive with the diet changes, my weight is more or less unchanged, but my jeans are noticeably looser already, and my shoulders have noticeably squared off. They haven't pumped up huge, obviously, it's only been a week. But those "seated lateral shoulder raises" are killers and work my deltoids to the point of failure, which is what leads to new muscle growth.

The jeans getting scrunchy was my first real indicator that trouble was brewing after the Kung Fu had slacked off. Denim is a harsh mistress, and takes no prisoners. I worked hard to get into this size, so when I couldn't get my hands in the pockets without a crowbar, I knew serious steps had to be taken. This morning, I wouldn't exactly call them "loose," but they are back within the acceptable range of "fairly comfortable," which is amazing progress for just a week's work.

One of the things I spoke to my counselor about last night, is a plan I've been cooking up over the past few weeks. I have as a Do-Not-Fail Goal for 2006, to get rid of the gut, by hook or by crook. My last-ditch effort, if by October of next year the gut is still here, will be liposuction. I've had this stupid roll of fat on my stomach since I was five years old, and I am frankly sick of it.

But before I resort to surgery, I need to have made a bona fides attempt to go through every reasonable effort, which includes the complete diet change and regular workouts. I must admit I'm disappointed that the Kung Fu wasn't more effective in that regard, but a super-intense workout once or twice a week is just not as effective as doing more moderate workouts more often.

-The Gneech
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