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Artist Envy

I envy lots of artists, for lots of reasons. I envy Herbie Throat-Warbler Mangrove for his art's energy, appeal, and amazing anatomical work; I envy Vince for his skill with layouts, visual metaphor, and black-and-white compositioning ability.

But today, I envy them both for something I have never had and never expect to achieve:


I have been working on Monday's strip for two hours now -- and it's only half done. Some of it's my Scrivener's Palsy, a lot of it's just the fact that my art skill is half-baked and I have to do as much erasing as I do drawing.

I'm really, really not suited to be doing this. -.- But I keep doing it anyway.

At least now the layout inks are drying and I can take a break to lie down for a few minutes. Owie. *rubs sore hand*

-The Gneech
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