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Apportez Les Tarte

Rough night last night. Stayed up late chatting with Vince about the end of TCM, forum trolls, etc., then had a long night of being awakened by strange dreams. The only one I remember involved albino spiders 2' across lurking creepily at me in that way that only spiders can, but that was just the last one in a series of such dreams. Instead of getting up early to finish Friday's strip, I ended up dragging myself out of bed slightly later than usual, and have been dragging ever since.

That was particularly annoying, because I'd wanted to ink tomorrow's SJ and get it to Hikaru in the a.m. ... now I have to do it the moment I get home, instead.

The replacement for my lost wedding ring came in yesterday; I'm wearing it now. It's the same design as the one I had before, but in all respects it seems to be a higher quality ring. It also fits better, because it's a size smaller to account for all the weight that I lost back in 2000. (Weight that is attempting to creep its way back on to me, with my current rather sedentary job, but which I am determined to keep off. It will be easier to exercise again once summer wanders off.)

I spent all day playing courier today, and will be doing the same again tomorrow, as the regular courier has the day off, and part of my job as Back Up Everything, is to be the Back Up Courier. Tysons to Bethesda in the a.m., then Tysons to Rockville in the p.m., with reception desk coverage from 12:00 - 12:30 and a hastily-narfed lunch from 12:30 - 1:00. Fun. :)

In a way, I'm glad I was out and moving around, tho ... I was down and moody this morning, but once I got out on the road and was doing something, it lifted. I imagine that if I'd been sitting at a desk all day, I'd just be in a funk all day. It involved feeling like an outsider, not getting as much attention from my peers as I would like, and general angsty neurotic artist stuff. Fortunately, it's gone now, and things are steady as she goes.

One last, pointless comment, and then I'm done: Hmm ... I'm hungry. I think I'll have some fig newtons.

-The Gneech
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