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Sunday Workout Report -- "I Felt That" Edition

I woke up in the wee hours with major back pain this morning, so my initial plan was to give the workout a miss. But after getting a little more sleep, my back had shut up enough that I was willing to take a couple of Advil and risk it. I'm sorta looking at this regimen as a staring contest between myself and entropy -- and every time I don't skip a workout, I win! So far, I'm in the sixth week of my winning streak. ;)

Also, a lot of the weights went up this week. For those who want numbers...

Rows: 3 mins @ 50 lbs (warmup)
Scapular Retraction: 3 sets 10 reps @ 30 lbs
Rope Pushdowns: 2 sets 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Deadlift: 2 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Reverse Curl: 3 sets 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Barbell Bent Over Rows: 3 sets 10 reps @ 30 lbs
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 3 sets 10 reps @ 20 lbs
Lying Cable Crossover: 3 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Seated Lateral Shoulder Raises: 3 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Abdominal Crunch: 2 sets 15 reps
Resisted Reverse Crunch: 1 set 15 reps @ 15 lbs
Rows: 3 mins @ 30 lbs (cooldown)

Body Weight: 299 lbs

I should mention here that yesterday laurie_robey and I walked around the lake (~1 hour) and spent a few hours tromping around Fair Oaks, Christmas shopping as well.

FWIW, the workout (and the Advil) seems to have relaxed my back muscles, so now aside from being a bit worn out, I'm feeling much better. :)

-The Gneech
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