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Me Too! Me Too!

bauske posted a bit of IM between him and myself. So I'm going to post a followup piece!

bauske: *falls down asleep*
the_gneech: *puts a bwankie over ya*
bauske: *snores*
the_gneech: *draws patterns on your face with a Sharpie a la Jigglypuff*
bauske: -_-
bauske: it's cut
bauske: cute
bauske: I like the puff
the_gneech: The idea of a "cut" (i.e., muscular) Jigglypuff hurts my brain.
bauske: owhm.. okay, don't say stuff like that
the_gneech: *snerk*
bauske: I can't even imagine it honestly
bauske: like i'm trying and nothing is comething through
bauske: *coming
the_gneech: Considering he's a ball with arms, it's pretty hard to fathom.
bauske: whoa that's a weird one

Actually ... I miss Jigglypuff. Heck, I miss the whole first and second seasons of Pokémon, really. Team Rocket was the coolest!

-The Gneech
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