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Weekend Approaches!

And what of it? Well...

Since HantaMouse and Mutti are in Florida this weekend, there's no Friday night cards, which I'm glad about, actually, because I'd rather be using that time for something else. Tonight, I've got to make a newsbox for Monday announcing the Special Event. I've got a script worked out, so fortunately it should go pretty quickly.

Sometime before Saturday night, I've got to get my next D&D session ready. The heroes are on their way to the mountains to take care of the drow and mind flayer forces they've worked out are behind the troubles in Thessalaine. However, they've been so thoroughly and effectively stomping everything they've come upon until now that I basically have to scrap the module as published and rewrite the whole thing. But I'm running a little on-the-road side trip tomorrow, just to give the whole "against the drow" theme a little break. It will feature the return of somebody they met early on and have largely forgotten about -- and will likely wish that I had, too. ;)

The meat of the main campaign storyline has finally been revealed -- the existence of the drow, their domination of the ancient elvish city, and some of the pieces of how things came to be the way they are. Camstone, who doesn't have the years of D&D lore that jamesbarrett and I do, is just starting to get a taste of Spidery Drow Ickiness -- and has only vague ideas of just how bad mind flayers are. Frisk, on the other hand, is in advanced stages of fretting about what's ahead. Fun, fun, fun!

Also this weekend I need to do button designs to send to bjbuttons so he can get them back to me in time for Dragon*Con, do a charity pic for MFM if I can, and do a "Splash Page" first strip for Monday's premiere ... not to mention that whole "Looking for a new place to live!" thing.

I ... am a busy dude.

August 10th is the Cape May Furmeet, organized by lowen_kind. I'd like to go if I can, but it's looking iffy. :( I was going to ride up with Camstone, except it's looking iffy for him to go, and Laurie is also talking about us going down to Tidewater to visit her family for her birthday.

Gah! Why doesn't anything happen in March?

I missed last year's CMFM and had to cut short the one before it, so I'd like to get to one of these things and enjoy the whole thing sometime!


Well, it's almost time for me to hit the road, here ... acting as courier today, so I'll be driving all over northern VA and Maryland in the rain. Whee! :) Still, beats Starbucks.

Catcha later!

-The Gneech

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