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Simplistic and Cartoony Is What She Wanted... [artwork?]

I try not to mix my job with my work, but a coworker latched onto me and wouldn't let me go until I promised her I'd do a cariacature of her Chinese friend/real estate agent for $20 so she could give it to him as a Christmas present.

Unfortunately, the only picture she had of him was a tiny thumbnail in a newspaper ad. You can tell he's Asian and has a fairly wide jawline, and that's about it. So I went for "generic but hopefully not too stereotyped Chinese guy" and came up with this. NOTE: The scanner ate most of the color, particularly in the reds and yellows. He did have skin-tone and bushes behind the house, once upon a time.

Why I don't do cariacature.

Oh well, I hope she likes it.

-The Gneech
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