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Artie [artwork]

I was noodling around with lion sketches, trying to come up with a design for a new character who would incorporate some of the aspects I liked best about Leonard and Torey -- who are pretty different characters! This guy, currently called Artie (short for Arthur, to go with a kingly motif), is more of a socialite than Leonard is, prone to dancing and showing off and flashing toothy grins ... but isn't the bubbly airhead that Torey is. In some ways, Artie is supposed to be the kind of guy that, say, Johnny Bravo thinks he is. I'm having a little trouble settling on a look, tho.

Noodle No. 1:

Artie dev 1

I'm thinking of giving him a long, braided mane in the back, something like Vega from the Street Fighter games, but with more fluff up front. I love that large face in the lower left -- I was deliberately trying to break away from my usual style there, and on that front it was a huge success. But it doesn't exactly suggest a cocky life-of-the-party type, either.

Noodle No. 2:

Artie dev 2

This guy is a little closer in personality, but he seems to have stolen Conrad's bangs. Unfortunately, the markings around his eyes, particularly the little hatchmarks above his eyebrows, kinda get lost. I think his chin may need some enlarging, too ... maybe I should start with a toothy grin and work from there.

I dunno, maybe I should just steal this one:

Simba lookin' cool

Any suggestions?

-The Gneech
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