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Monday Workout Report (Santa Brought Stuff Edition)

I received cards and prezzies from all over the world this year, which was mighty touching. Thank you, everybody! ^.^ I'd particularly like to mention james_b and oceansedge, who sent my a CD from Australia, a nice card I received from a kind Canadian woman who I'm sure I know by handle, but didn't recognize her name (which I won't post here, in case she prefers anonymity ... but if you are woman in Canada and sent me a card, drop me an e-mail!), and the very generous level_head and lady_anne, whose gift nearly made the eyes pop out of my head. (Owie, that smarts!)

Now, why is all this falderal about Christmas, when the title says it's a workout report? Because laurie_robey and I tried out our mutual prezzies this morning: DDR Ultramix 2 and deluxe wireless dance pad controllers!

This being our first time with it, we had quite a few technical difficulties at the beginning. The wireless pads in particular seem to have a lot of trouble synching up with the X-Box. However, we eventually got those worked out and started playing.

It was fun! But great googily-moogily, it was exhausting! 0.o And hard. We were both on "Beginner" setting and managed to get our scores into solid "D" territory after seven songs -- at which point we collapsed onto the couch and didn't move for several minutes.

But we're going to play s'more! Oh yes, have no doubt of that! This was just a trial run to get our feet sweaty wet. I foresee a lot of DDRing in our future.

-The Gneech
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