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Sunday Workout Report (Iron Monkey Edition)

Iron Monkey makes a fine video choice for cranking up the weights a bit. :)

I felt it this time!

Rows: 3 mins @ 55 lbs (warmup)
Scapular Retraction: 3 sets 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Rope Pushdowns: 2 sets 10 reps @ 40 lbs (owie!)
Deadlift: 2 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Reverse Curl: 3 sets 10 reps @ 40 lbs (also owie!)
Barbell Bent Over Rows: 3 sets 10 reps @ 35 lbs
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 3 sets 10 reps @ 20 lbs
Lying Cable Crossover: 2 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Seated Lateral Shoulder Raise: 3 sets 10 reps @ 25 lbs
Abdominal Crunch: 2 sets 15 reps
Resisted Reverse Crunch: 1 set 15 reps @ 15 lbs
Rows: 3 mins @ 35 lbs (cooldown)

Body Weight: 298 lbs

This begins my 9th week without a missed workout, can you believe it? :) My arms are starting to get quite beefy, which is nice but takes some getting used to. (Short sleeves don't fall to the same spot any more, making me constantly feel like they're riding up. It's weird, I tell you!) I'd like to see a little more oomph in the pecs and shoulders, and a little more trimming in the obliques, but hopefully that will come with time. At the end of Week 12, I may take the "3 month anniversary" as an opportunity to rearrange the workout some. Meanwhile, there's still more DDR in the works!

Iron Monkey and the bit of Jade Empire I played this morning have made me miss my Kung Fu a little today ... but I want to be in better shape before I attempt that again. In some ways, I've sorta thought of this period as being in training to return to that.

-The Gneech

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