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Jade Empire

My in-laws gave me Jade Empire for Christmas, and so far I'm really enjoying it. :)

Jade Empire, for those who don't know, is a martial-arts adventure game that uses the same basic engine as Knights of the Old Republic, albeit tweaked to remove the d20 system components and add a button-mashing martial arts system. Right now it's X-Box only, alas, and the upcoming sequel is rumored to be X-Box 360-only ... although they won't absolutely come out and say there won't be PC versions.

As you can probably guess, I'm playing Tiger Shen, the big burly dude, although I customized him to have a slightly less ponderous combat style than he defaults to. (Unfortunately, realizing that I could do that made me go back to the beginning after I was almost through the second chapter, but I don't mind.)

Unfortunately, I've only been able to play in the occasional stolen hour here and half-hour there, between art, Bowflex, and just the usual busy-ness of life, but so far it's a terrific story, and the Kung Fu aspect is just plain cool. In its own way, it's been inspiring me to keep up with the exercise, by reminding me how much I like Kung Fu. I am still pondering the idea of going back to that next year, assuming I keep improving with the Bowflex. It would be nice to be in good enough shape to to keep up with class!

There haven't been that many really good martial arts adventure games. Tai Fu was fun (and had the benefit of being a furry game), except that the last level was unbeatable. But most martial arts games are arena-fighters, which certainly makes sense. (There was a Bruce Lee licensed game, but it wasn't very good.) I suppose it's no coincidence that Jade Empire is an adaptation of a Star Wars game, is it? ;)

But c'mon -- one of your quest items is called "the inscrutible power source." How can you not love a game like that?

I just wish it wasn't exclusive to X-Box.

-The Gneech

EDIT: From kung_fu: Furries duel. :)

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