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So, Last Night...

I did a massive scripting session that got me through January -- and with a couple of exceptions, it's all Tiffany and Leonard, kenya believe it? There's definitely some "go back to the strip's roots"-ness going on in it, which is a good thing. Of course, that makes it talky again, but oh well. ;)

I also got back to where I was and covered some new ground in Jade Empire -- meeting the fox spirit was very cool. :) Next, it's off to battle a demon named "Mother" who creates degenerate cannibals. How very Freudian. ;P I finally acquired the Storm Dragon style, which is much easier to create harmonic combos with -- and since Storm Dragon combos end up leaving a Focus power-up behind, you can pretty much do the whole fight in Focus mode if you just do combo after combo. Munchkiney, but effective. ;) But I still kinda prefer Dire Flame, just 'cause I'm used to it.

Tonight, is Finish Badges Night! Plus the regular Tuesday workout. But now, alas, it's off to work!

-The Gneech

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