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Fiery Mountain v.1.0 [gaming]

Here's my initial stat sheet for Fiery Mountain, for those who are curious. I'm not particularly happy with this incarnation, but it's my first time puzzling through it. Future versions will probably dump the Empty Hand trait and put those points toward Martial Arts, or possibly making the Body stat more hugerer.

Fiery Mountain
Body d12, Speed d10, Mind d6, Will d8

                                 Habitat: Forest
                                   Sense: Listen
Race: Tiger d8                    Weapon: Claws, Teeth
     | Career: Escort d6
     |     |
     |     | Extra Trait: Huan (Empty Hand Technique) d4
     |     |     |
     |     |     | Skills (With Favored Use)
 d8  |     | d4  |     | Acrobatics
     | d6  | d4  | d12 | Brawling (w/ Natural Weapons)
     |     |     | d4  | Calligraphy (Wall Hangings)
 d8  |     |     | d4  | Climbing (Wood or Bamboo)
     |     |     | d4  | Dodge
     |     |     | d6  | First Aid (Combat Injuries)
     | d6  |     |     | Hiking
     |     |     | d8  | Intimidation (When Fighting)
     |     |     | d8  | Jumping
     |     |     | d4  | Literacy (Calligraphy/Art)
     |     | d4  |     | Lore: Huan Method
     |     |     | d4  | Qi-Sao
     | d6  |     | d6  | Resolve
     | d6  |     |     | Sixth Sense (vs. Betrayal)
 d8  |     |     |     | Stealth

      Gifts: Personal: Extra Trait d4 (3 points);
                 Increased Trait d6 (4 points);
                 Strong +1 (2 points)
             Racial: Claws (1 point); Night Vision
                 (1 point); Teeth (1 point)
             Esoteric: Martial Arts--Counter-attack
                 with Natural Weapon (1 point)

      Flaws: External: Eerie (-2 points)
             Internal: Coarse (-2 points); Dread--
                 Large Fires (-2 points); Heroic
                 (-3 points); Morose (-1 point)

 Initiative: d10, d6

   Defenses: Dodge d10, d4 ... beyond that I
                 have no idea

    Resolve: d8, 2d6

       Move: Dash 10 paces, Stride 2.5 paces

      Armor: none (Soak d12)

    Weapons: claws (To Hit d12, d10, d8, d6;
                 damage d12, d6, d4)
  Abilities: Huan Method Knockdown Blow (To Hit d12,
                 d10, d6, d4; damage d12, 2d4; target
                 includes their Acrobatics dice with
                 Armor and Soak; target automatically
                 falls down)

Fiery Mountain was left at a remote mountain monastery as an infant by parents unknown; there he was raised as a warrior monk until his early teens. One day, the order was invited to come exhibit their martial arts techniques for a local lord, and Fiery Mountain was sent along on the journey, his first ever away from the mountain village. The lord, much impressed by the monks, offered the abbot a prodigious amount of silver if he and the monks would stay and become the lord's personal honor guard. The abbot refused politely, indicating that such a course of action would be contrary to the order's doctrines.

The lord took great offense at this, although he didn't let on. He bid the monks stop at a shrine on the way back to their monastery and stay the night as his guests; secretly, he had his servants at the shrine drug the monks' wine, putting them all into a state of torpor -- except Fiery Mountain, who was too young to be allowed to drink. Once all the monks were asleep, the lord's men set the shrine ablaze. Fiery Mountain woke up in the midst of the fire and tried in vain to wake up any of the other monks. Fiery Mountain managed to pull only a handful of them out of the place before the burning ruins collapsed, killing the rest of the order (including the abbot).

The handful of survivors, fearful of the lord's wrath, scattered. Cut adrift and penniless, Fiery Mountain took to wandering from place to place, finding work as a bodyguard or escort when he could, and begging when he had to. He hopes to eventually find a peaceful life as a scribe or a calligrapher, though a nagging sense of obligation to the memory of his order drives him to continue his study of the martial arts.

Fiery Mountain, as his name implies, is a large, very vividly-colored tiger. Uncultured and imposing, he seems to vacillate back and forth between being ferocious and imperious one moment, and hesitating and self-effacing the next. He feels, rightly or wrongly, that he has let down the memory of his teachers by becoming a vagabond, and wants to do something that would make them proud -- but he has no idea what that might be.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

-The Gneech
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