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2006 - Year of the Shrinking Furry

Well, it's a lovely (if dark) Friday morning here at FC, and the main thing that I've noticed is that everybody is a different shape! tchall has shaved his moustache and is noticeably slimmer about the face and shoulders, Vince is barely recognizable looking lean and mean, kevinjdog is but a shadow of his former self, and makovette is Mr. Skeleton. Zowie! I've received a comment or two as well ^.^, although since moving from the arm workout I don't quite have the Popeye thing going on any more.

Yesterday was "arrive and setup" day; today is "panels and room party" day. We'll see how it goes! But right now, I need some breakfast.

Catcha later!

-The Gneech

PS: The new laptop is performing splendedly, except for a mysterious tendency to crash.

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