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Room Party a Success; Film Whenever I Get Some ;)

Yesterday went quite well all around; the party was a success (we had a few crashers, but hopefully they will at least check out the strip now) and the panels went well. Vince's comic is flying off the table; Kerry's and my stuff isn't moving quite as fast, but it is still moving, and I managed to get in a few sketches during the few hours I wasn't on panels.

Today is Dealer Room Day -- with Iron Artist starting at 9:30 tonight(!). No fair! West coasters will still be awake then! Le sigh.

But now, I'm off to breakfast. I managed to avoid indulging in more than a slice of pizza and a few of the treats at the party, so I'm pretty darn hungry. I did try Irn Bru ("Made In Scotland From Girders") -- a soda from the U.K. that basically tastes like lemon tea made with carbonated water -- and a sampling of English candy (including my first ever bona fide Jelly Baby). I particularly liked the Malteezers: basically chocolate-covered malted milk balls, but much lighter than our Whoppers. And of course, all of the chocolate was Cadbury-plus. Yummmm. :d

-The Gneech

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