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Must Be Con Bounce!

I am so hyper today! If it wasn't for this stoopid job thing, I'd be doing a pic of Artie tearing up the dance floor with his bad self. Instead, I'll just crank up the bubblegum pop in the jukebox and bounce around the cubicle.

Why am I hyper, you ask? Well, it's been a week of slam dunks, that's why! FC managed to beat MFM for profits at the dealer table (and I was GOH at MFM, kenya believe it?), some very cool prospects have appeared for NN in the past couple of days, OhNoRobot is up and working like a charm, and a few other items which must be kept confidential for the time being. Furthermore, the workouts are coming on like gangbusters [1] and some very exciting things are going to be coming up in SJ soon.

In short, things are firing on all cylinders, it's a bright blue beautiful day outside with the promise of even moreso tomorrow, and life is just plain awesome. :)

Savor it when it happens, that's my advice!

-The Gneech

[1] I love the utilization of obscure colloquialisms. But you knew that.
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