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Saturday Workout Report (Damn Your Half-Moons Edition)

Walk Around Lake Thoreau: ~1 hr

Yourself! Fitness
Duration: 45 mins
Focus: Flexibility
Calories Burned: 340
Result: Shredded

Body Weight: 295 lbs (W00t!)

The Y!F workouts are tough -- WAY tough. This one included an exercise called "Half-Moons" which involved balancing on one arm and one leg while moving the other arm over your body in an arc -- which I simply could not do without falling down. So naturally, Maya called for it over and over and over and over.

Breathing is still a problem. I feel as blasted now as I would at the end of a session of Kung Fu, and for the same reason: there just isn't any oxygen coming into my bloodstream. I might as well be breathing methane for all the respiration goes on -- so I get lightheaded and dizzy after a few minutes and occasionally have to sit down for fear that I'm going to black out.

I need to get to a doctor about this. :P

-The Gneech

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