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Happy Birthday, susandeer!

Happy berfday Sue!

And now for a terrible joke:

As many of you probably know, Sue sometimes hangs out with the macro community, in which her doe persona grows to crazy heights and she goes around stomping cities and generally wreaking macro-style havoc. Well on one such occasion, she happened upon a cabal of wizards who'd been summoned by the city to protect it -- to no avail! She just leaned right down and gobbled them up in a single gulp -- except for one who grabbed ahold of her tongue and avoided being swallowed. In best Harry Potter style, the wizard zapped the inside of her mouth with his wand and shouted "Petrificus totalis!" -- paralyzing her on the spot in a very awkward position. It was just like watching a sitcom...

...wacky high jinx in Sue.

-The Gneech
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