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Ow! Ow! OW!!!

That's the sound of laurie_robey KICKIN' MY BUTT on DDR.

We decided, screw the directions, we're using shoes! And it made a huge difference in how often the buttons registered our moves. Like, ever, even.

Laurie's score shot up in the A-B-C range on a regular basis; I managed to get one B. The problem is, the mats are so tiny. I can barely stand in the middle of the pad without pushing UP and DOWN simultaneously. To perform the dance as directed, I have to stand on tip-toes and make these incredibly diminutive steps.

If I wanted to go en pointe I'd take ballet, for cryin' out loud. If the pad was scaled up 100%, I might stop sucking.

I'm glad for Laurie's dramatic improvement -- congrats, Laurie! But my own game was intensely frustrating and very not-fun. Oh well, at least I got a workout out of it.

I'll try again later, hopefully I can find some way to make it work. But tomorrow I'm going back to the Bowflex, where being FRIGGIN' HUGE is an asset, not a liability.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Hmm ... turns out it might not be me after all! Okay, time to go pad-shopping.
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