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This Isn't ... Weird ... Is It?

In the garage at the office most mornings, there is a Honda with the license plate "HNDAWMN," which Laurie and I generally refer to as "Honda Woman." This morning, it made me suddenly think...

Honda Woman!
Honda Woman!
All the world is waiting for yoooouuuu!
And the Honda you possess...
In your compact car
you will drive real far
until someone crashes into yooooouuuuu...

Honda Woman!
Honda Woman!
Now the world is ready for yoooouuuu!
And the driving that you do!
Make it to work on time
stop right on a dime
Find out if those ads are really truuuuuuueee...

Honda Woman!
You're better than Jane Fonda, Honda Woman!
All our hopes are pinned upon yoooouuuu!
And the driving that you do!
Stop at every sign
Don't cross a solid line
Change your lane, and change the wooooorrrrld...

Honda Woman!
Honda Woman!
Drive to Rwanda, Honda Woman!

Okay, so I'm odd in the morning. :)

-The Gneech
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