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What Was I Saying...?

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John "The Gneech" Robey
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I am a web cartoonist, a graphics guy and web programmer, a writer, a martial artist, and about fifteen other things. :) I also hang out in the furry community under the handle "RumblePurr Lion."

Some salient info...

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Shape: Rapidly improving =)
Profession: Elucubratist
Generation: X (or shallow post-boomer, depending on who you ask)
Religion: all of them, and none of them
Politics: Progressive and getting more so
Online Demeanor: perky and friendly, with occasional fits of brooding
RL Demeanor: reservedly friendly, with occasional fits of brooding
Greatest Wish: to be genuinely liked for who I am
Greatest Fear: nonexistence
Greatest Frustration: I'm not as good as I want to be
What Cheers Me Up: dancing, Kung Fu
What Ticks Me Off: willful ignorance, rampant stupidity, or people who just don't care; alternatively, anybody who lowers the bar
I Am: all about bringing the awesome
I Am Not: organized
I Wish I Was: in Pismo Beach

I figure this precludes me from having to post any quizzes if I don't want to. ;)
80s music, adventure, agatha christie, american revolution, ancient history, anglophilia, animation, anime, anthrocon, anthropology, archie goodwin, art deco, art nouveau, artspots, artwork, bibliophilia, british comedy, cardcaptor sakura, cartooning, catastrophism, circumlocution, classic star trek, cold fusion, comic conventions, comic novels, comic party, comics, conan, conan the barbarian, cozy mysteries, cthulhu mythos, d&d, dancing, danger international, ddr, dirk gently, doctor who, douglas adams, dragoncon, drezzer wolf, dungeons and dragons, egyptology, elves, english, english literature, fantasy, farce, forgotten english, frank lloyd wright, funday pawpet show, furry, furry art, furry conventions, further confusion, gaming, gilbert and sullivan, greek myth, grumman goose, harry potter, hercule poirot, hero games, heroic fantasy, hobbits, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, hyborian age, indiana jones, jackie chan, jade empire, jazz butcher, jazz butcher conspiracy, jeeves and wooster, justice inc., kilrathi, kull, kung fu, legend of korra, legolas, leonard lion, liberty, light comedy, lions, literature, lord of the rings, lost civilizations, lotr online, lotro, louis comfort tiffany, louis l'amour, love hina, lovecraft, manga, martial arts, men's fashion, michelle yeoh, mission style, monty python, my little pony, mystery, mythology, nero wolfe, nevernever, new wave, novel writing, order of the stick, photoshop, pirates, poirot, prehistory, privateers, pulp adventure, quidditch, rangers, rex stout, robert e. howard, romantic comedy, romantic period, rowan atkinson, samurai cat, seaplanes, sf, solomon kane, space opera, spooky stories, star hero, star wars, star wars saga edition, stephen fry, street fighter, suburban jungle, swashbuckling, sword and sorcery, the prisoner, the watering hole, tiffany tiger, tolkien, tunnels & trolls, universal monsters, van helsing, vicar of dibley, wardens, web development, webcomics, whimsy, whodunit, wing commander, wodehouse, wordplay, writing, yog-sothothery

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